Local Stream in Acrylic Ink


Again using my Speedball Acyrlic Ink and Crow Quill set, I made a drawing based off a photograph I took of a local stream. I used to do really intricate pen and ink work all the time several years ago. It was really nice to get back into it.

P1030138 - Copy.JPG

I don’t think I’ll be repurchasing that acrylic ink. It has been nothing but trouble with technical issues- first the false waterproofness, and now? It smudges when I erase faint pencil lines from underneath it. I was able to save what had smudged, however, I don’t want to get more of this ink once I’ve used up what I have.

Dune Grass in Ink and Watercolor


Speedball Acrylic Ink is not waterproof. The packaging says that it is, however, I could easily pick up the ink with my watercolor brush after the ink had dried and I was adding color. Still, I think I managed to salvage this painting of dune grass and I am satisfied with how it turned out. I also used my speedball crow quill for this piece. My favorite part is the texture of the tree.

P1020986 - Copy.JPG

I also battled with the watercolor paper here, as it buckled slightly. The solution, of course, is to get a thicker watercolor paper, but I have to use up what I have for now.

Also, a little housekeeping has been done on the portfolio section of this website, so it should work more smoothly now!

Ivy in Acrylic Ink and Crow Quill Pen


A longer drawing with the Speedball Crow Quill Pen and Acrylic Ink. Not sure if/what I’ll do for color- I kinda like it as it is, plus this ink is NOT WATER FAST! This is very important to remember.

I had my little ivy houseplant next to me while drawing the whole time, and I think having such a real-word reference helps me improve. Even if I’m not drawing exactly the arrangement of leaves that was in front of me, I can see the way that ivy likes to grow and incorporate that into my drawing.

P1020964 - Copy.JPG

Here you can see me starting to get the hang of how to make different line weights with this particular type of pen.

Mimosa Tree Frond #2 with Pen and Ink


Here is a second version of a mimosa tree frond (there’s a tree like this near where I live. It has little flowers like candyfloss and seed pods that make mimosa saplings grow EVERYWHERE.) This one also uses the Speedball Crow Quill and Acrylic Ink set I recently bought, and the green is with my water-based brush pens. P1020954 - Copy.JPG

Mimosa Tree Fronds with Pen and Ink


My first real try with my new Speedball Crow Quill and Acrylic Ink set that I recently purchased. I’ve struggled a bit with this new medium, as it’s hot where I live and the ink seems to get a film over it while it is on the nib if I so much as pause for a drink of water. Hopefully, this issue will go away as the weather cools. I added some color in with water-based brush pens I’ve had forever. This was a fun exercise.

P1020943 - Copy.JPG