Forsythia in Spring


One of the first things to bloom at the end of winter, the forsythia has bright, cheerful yellow flowers all over the entire shrub. These photos were taken a bit earlier in the year, but I’m happy to share them now, when cheer is especially needed.

Chamomile, a Hearty Survivor


P1040163 - Copy

Now, this is truly amazing. Sure, the winter has been milder than last year’s, but this little chamomile has been outside since it was casually tossed in the pot at the end of harvesting last fall. It grew and survived all winter until mid-January when I finally took pity and brought it in. Freezing rain, freezing nights, even a little bit of snow hasn’t stopped it. The chamomile now lives on a windowsill and I hope to bring it to bloom in the warm seasons this year. I want to save seeds from this one for sure. It’s supposed to be an annual chamomile. (The variety, for those who are curious, is Zloty Lan Chamomile/Polish Chamomile from Baker Creek.)

Wild Asparagus Berries

Nature Walks

There is a planting in my area where, at some point, somebody planted asparagus among the normal decorative flowers. It fits in very well with the rest of the plants and provides tall, frond-ly delicate branches to the background among hostas and other perennials. I have no idea if anyone harvests the asparagus any more, as most of the locals let their dogs go to the bathroom right along that area. I was lucky enough to walk by when the asparagus had berries! I have not grown asparagus before this year, and my own asparagus is quite small. I had no idea it had such bright little berries!

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They were challenging to focus on with my camera.