Interesting Moss Growth…1 year later

Nature Walks

This picture was taken during the heart of the most recent 2019/2020 winter in the same place as the Moss Post I made a while back. It’s so cool how everyone in this area leaves the moss formation alone and lets it grow in this way. I love looking at it; the moss looks like tiny islands in the sand, or like grassy hills.

P1040045 - Copy

P1040042 - Copy

It was much sunnier when I took the more recent pictures!

Last Year (overcast weather):

P1080042 - Copy

Rosemary from Cuttings


I didn’t want to let the few leftover sprigs of rosemary I purchased for a recipe to go to waste, so I re-clipped the ends, dipped them in rooting hormone, and stuck them in damp soil. Most of them survived! The surviving 4 have been put in a larger pot and, if they survive to be big, I will not have to buy rosemary again!

P1040298 - Copy

Thyme Grown from Cuttings


P1040292 - Copy

After making a recipe that called for fresh thyme, I had a small amount left over. The grocery store-bought sprigs weren’t going to stay good for long, so I divided them in half and put one half in a glass of water, and the other half dipped in rooting hormone and then into damp soil in a bright area. While the couple of sprigs in water didn’t make it, the thyme in soil has grown roots and is showing new growth. If it can stay strong until the frosts end, then I will have a perpetual source of thyme from now on. No need to get more from the grocery store!