Bee Balm Tea

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Mybee balm, which I am so happy is vigorously growing, was shading out another plant, so I had to pull a small amount of it to let this plant grow, too. I made the bee balm leaves into a tea. I got the seeds here (Baker Creek Perennial Bee Balm Spielarten Mix) and they have about a year of growth now. I can’t wait until they finally bloom!

P1040640 - CopyBee balm tea has a refreshing, gentle lemon flavor and is the lightest green possible without being totally clear. If I were to make it into a tea blend, I would make sure that the other ingredients impart some amount of color to help me determine when the tea is properly steeped.

The Bee Balm is Alive!


The original seedlings for the bee balm that I planted last year were, unfortunately, grew too tall and not leafy enough, eventually catching some type of mildew several months after being planted in the ground. I thought that was the end of them, but I’ve found patches of their lemony-scented leaves all over my little flower patch this year, and it looks so much healthier! I have bee balm again, and I am overjoyed. I’ve liked this flower since I was a child, and it is a flower beloved by pollinators. Hopefully, this year it will bloom and bring all the little bees to my garden, where they’ll stop by the vegetables and increase my harvest.

P1040458 - Copy

The seeds are from Baker Creek (Bee Balm – Spielarten Mix)