Pokeweed Plant

Nature Walks

This is an American plant that is EVERYWHERE and very difficult to remove from the garden due to its enormous taproot. If you leave even a bit of the root, the entire plant comes back next season, and the root goes very far into the ground. To top it off, the plant is poisonous to humans (though songbirds eat the berries just fine), and so you have to be careful with it. Colonial Americans would use the fermented berries as an ink to write with, and my research shows that it was a lovely red-purple color, like the darker part of the berry stems on this image. I would love to have the opportunity to use for my art such a beautiful ink made of plants native to my home (though I’d have to be very careful while using it!)

P1030015 - Copy.JPG

Floral Embroidery Envelope Bags


A bouquet of pink flowers, yarrow, and a hydrangea-inspired flower, all on natural linen envelope bags lined with brown cotton calico. The snaps on the bags are new-old-stock vintage. The pink bouquet was a great opportunity to play around with multiple colors and stitches, and I especially like that the stems are long stitches all tied together with another piece of thread. The hydrangea and especially the yarrow were fun ways to make a visual effect by repeating the same stitch lots of times. Did I mention how much I enjoy french knots?

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