First and Second Pairs of Crocheted Socks for 2020

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A relative heard I was making my own socks this year, and was kind enough to give me some soft, fluffy yarn to make more socks! I’ve added a comfy teal pair and a purple/blue pair to my sock drawer. Thank you so much! The yarn is very warm.

Fabric Stash Use-Up Project 2020

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Old fabric for the new decade!

This year, I want to pare down my fabric stash even further. I had a lot of fun with this the past two years, and I managed to use up most of my hand-me-down fabrics and plenty of fabrics I personally acquired. I plan on focusing on functional pieces mostly, but I’d also like to make a couple pieces of historical clothing and create some more items for my etsy. This project also covers fiber, as I still have a few balls of yarn that I’d like to give a purpose.

The year has already started, so Slippers from Nothing but Scraps #2: Slippers for a Loved One counts as part of this project, as well.

Rules are that I won’t buy anything for new projects until I’ve finished all of the projects I have here. It is, however, okay to purchase a component needed to finish an existing project.

Will you join me in my 2020 Stash Use-Up?

Happy sewing!

Final Two Crocheted Ear Warmers of 2019


I know, it’s a bit late for 2019 project posting, but these are the final ones from last year! Both headbands are made of cotton yarn. The green one is made from the remnant of yarn I used to tie a crazy quilt I made back in college. I still use that quilt to this day, and now I finally have used the final part of the yarn. It’s great to really start to get to the bottom of my stash box for the final project in my 2019 Fabric Use-Up Project. These headbands have been keeping my ears nice and toasty since I made them. I’m fond of these colors, and the size is just right for how I do my hair.

Slippers from Nothing but Scraps #2

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Remember my nice warm slippers from last time? They’ve been working great! I don’t feel the chill from the floor on my feet at night.

P1040110 - Copy

A loved one saw my slippers and wanted a pair for himself. I made them from wool and denim scraps. The sole is crocheted rag tshirt yarn with cardboard stacked like plywood for stiffness. I used a half-double crochet for these soles. To check my work, I would compare the size of the sole to the size of an existing shoe.

This iteration, I figured out a better method of attaching the top of the slipper to the sole, shown in the progress pictures here.

The slippers are quite thick, which provides excellent insulation from the cold floor. The fabrics I chose are thick and sturdy. The whole thing should hold up to plenty of use.

P1040108 - Copy

My decision to use a nice, warm wool for the slipper came with a drawback: the underside of the slipper is very slippery! I used a bottle of puffy paint and drew designs on the bottom of the slipper, and it greatly improved the grip. He won’t have to worry about slipping in the night with these slippers.

Crocheted Hat and Headband- In Bright Yellow!


I originally had this yarn as my trellis-making yarn, but now I have a roll of real twine that I don’t have to fuss over my trellises at the end of the season. I wanted to give this yarn a better use since it is so nice. The yellow yarn is synthetic and shouldn’t be left out because it could pollute the earth with plastics, whereas twine is a natural fiber and is just fine to compost. I had a whole lot of the yarn left. Enough yarn to make a hat and a headband/ear warmer! Making these was fun. The color is so cheerful. I could never lose such a bright hat, even in the snow. If I choose to keep this set, I may have it in the car for emergencies since it’s bright and noticeable.

The hat was made with a large circle of alternating single and double stitch, and the ear warmer was made with a single stitch foundation chain, double stitch for most of it, and then another single stitch for symmetry.

Three Headbands


Here are three of the headbands/ear warmers I’ve crocheted this winter. I used a double stitch for the whole thing save for the first and last rows which were single stitch. They are plush and soft and like they’ll keep the ears nice and warm. The white one is from the remaining yarn after I made my first hat. The light blue one is from the remaining yarn after I made my first pair of socks. The navy one was just a small ball of secondhand yarn I had, and it became a gift for a loved one.

P1030883 - Copy.JPG

Technically, though I’m posting this in the new year, this is a part of my 2019 Fabric Use-Up Project, as I’m counting my fiber stash as another thing I need find good use for.

Slippers from Nothing But Scraps!

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P1030953 - CopyI am not a slippers person, but I recently got up in the middle of the night, and the floor was so cold I dug around in my sock drawer for my (handmade) warmest socks to brave walking about. I haven’t had need for a pair of slippers since I was a kid (I’ve made do with a pair of sandals when needed), but I want a pair now. I’m not going to buy one, though!

P1030923 - Copy

This is a project that I’m not using a pre-made pattern for. I made it up as I went, using the crocheted slipper padding as a guide for the size and shape of the whole slipper. It was pretty fun to hunt through my scrap pile for just the right piece of fabric- the right size with the grain in the right direction.

P1030900 - Copy

It’s satisfying to see so many useful projects come together for no additional money cost. I’m spending my time, sure, but I enjoy making things and I enjoy using the things I make. I don’t have to wait in line and spend my hard-earned money on things that will wear out soon and get thrown away too quickly.

P1030895 - Copy

The inner padding is a thick yarn from my slipper socks. It is double crocheted in the shape of a footprint. (Knowing what I know now, I would recommend half-double as it can make the yarn go further while still feeling plush.) I also made an extra heel padding circle from the very last scraps of that yarn. The padding pieces were stitched together by hand. I used whatever thread the needle was already threaded with, as it doesn’t actually matter; the padding will be covered in the completed slipper.

P1030940 - Copy

The bottom of the slipper is made from an old towel that was so old I was cutting it into cleaning rags. I think I’d prefer a towel texture for the bottom rather than a tightly woven fabric. It may be somewhat slippery no matter what, but I think the texture of a towel will provide slightly more grip on the floor.

P1030959 - Copy

Do you recognize the fabric of the sole and top of my slipper? I love this calico! It’s a sweet purple with those little white flowers. I never got around to wearing the dress I made and it’s up on my etsy now because I think someone else can give it a better home, but I’m enjoying working with the scraps from the process of making that dress!

P1030957 - Copy

I have used these slippers daily since making them and they’re holding up well. It’s satisfying to be able to make something out of what I already have available!