Wrap Dress from Tablecloth, Pattern Drafted on a Dress Form

This dress is made from a hand-me-down tablecloth in a beautiful faded kelly green with some kind of blossom design on it. The fabric is rather thick and the pattern is large, so I need to keep this in mind with my design. An ideal dress for this tablecloth is one that does not require too many tucks or seams so that I can enjoy the lovely huge blossoms.

Here was my first attempt at making a bodice. I went with a more simple version with a single dart from the bust to the arm.

This work-in-progress shows the bodice design that I went with. Most of the fabric in the bodice is untouched to show off the beauty of the material I’m working with, though it’s currently inside-out. You may see a spot just below the dart on the front of the bodice in the image. The tablecloth had many holes in it from so many years of wear. I managed to avoid having most of them in noticeable areas; hopefully that one will be mostly unnoticed since it’s close to my arm. All holes are patched and backed with extra fabric for strength.

More in-progress images above.The main parts are present, but the arms, neckline, and ties still in progress.

The skirt is a simple A-line. I used the seams and selvedge of the tablecloth to my advantage. No hemming for this skirt! If I had to go back and redo it, I would add more width to the hip, however, I just didn’t have the fabric.

The tulip sleeves and neckline were finished using bias tape made from the same tablecloth. A welt seam allows the inner tie to be threaded through to the outside to tie a bow, though I accidentally put the opening on the wrong side of the dress.

I am keeping the meager scraps remaining of the tablecloth just in case I need to patch the dress anywhere. The fabric may be old, but it still has a lot of life in it!

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