White Cotton 1700s Chemise and Petticoat with Pleatwork

These garments were the crowning piece of my 2018 Fabric Use-Up Project. Made from a flat cotton sheet in the wrong size for my bed, this matching set of short-sleeved chemise and petticoat with tie waistband has a lovely lace trim along the bottom hems. What really made these garments a pleasure to create was that the upcycled fabric wasn’t stained. This encouraged me to break out my nice trims and my embroidery floss, and the whole thing became an exercise of “how nice can I make this using what I already have?”



As for the embroidery: the neckline of the chemise has my second attempt at pleatwork; this one is white embroidery floss on white fabric. I love how this technique creates a delicate visual interest at the neckline. I may also take in the shoulders eventually, but I decided to leave them as-is for now until I can get more outer pieces and see how the chemise sits with them.



Looking back, I probably could have made the sleeves longer, however, I think this is a good start for my costume collection.

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