Sage Linen Wrap Dress


I used the pattern I drafted for the wrap dress made from a vintage tablecloth. I had one yard of especially wide (maybe 50-60″) sage green linen, so the pieces had to fit together pretty tightly, and there was not enough material for long ties, bias trim, or sleeves. This piece of fabric came from another project that I just never got around to, but it was originally purchased secondhand as a remnant. With the way things are this spring of 2020, I preferred to make a normal-clothes dress rather than the costume piece I was planning on. The weight of the fabric makes it especially suited to a late spring into summer dress.


Linen is a wonderful, ancient fiber and while it can sometimes be challenging to work with, I love the breatheability and the feel of it on my skin. I embroidered this wrap dress in the viking style, ornamenting the seams with a variation of the herringbone stitch using two tones of blue embroidery floss. Herringbone stitch was a popular seam ornamentation in the viking era. I was intimidated at first because I had never embroidered an entire garment before, but I was surprised at how swiftly the work goes once you get into the swing of it!

I was picky about which seams I would decorate. The bust darts, for example, are not decorated, nor is the small amount of piecing on the hem. I left the armsceyes unadorned because I believe the rubbing on the underarm would mar the look of the embroidery too quickly. The side and waist seams, however, are beautifully embroidered with a herringbone stitch variation.


In these work-in-progress photos, you can see the tiny bit of hem that I had to piece together and that I changed the angle of the shoulders for a better fit. The inside and outside are both fastened with ties, making this a comfortable house dress for warmer weather, perfectly suited to a quiet 2020 late spring to summer!

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