Forest Using a Single Watercolor Tube

This was a really fun project. While looking up techniques of watercolor to improve myself, I saw many different versions of using a single pan or tube of watercolor to create an entire composition. I thought that this would be a great exercise to improve my ability to use watercolors in varying saturations while also practicing how things fade into the atmosphere in the distance (atmospheric perspective).

One of the challenges for this project, for me at least, was learning how to wait for the paper to dry before I did anything else on it. When I’m using ink, I can go to another section of the page and work on that until the other part dries. Not so with this watercolor project. The water is all over the paper, as I my first layer used a wet-on-wet technique to create the atmospheric blur. I had to learn a different kind of patience for this style.

This project was beneficial to me. I got to see myself improve, even over just 4 pieces! (plus a fifth one that didn’t make the cut.) I have ideas on how I can work this technique into my art in the future, and I got back into using color in my art, something I’ve been struggling with for several years.  I’ve really enjoyed this project, and I may do something similar again in the future. Overall, I’d consider this project a success.

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