Embroidered Bags Spotlight: French Knot Sheep

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I have sewn my own little flock of charming French-Knot sheep. The French Knot is a fun stitch, and the resulting sheep have a touchable, raised texture that conveys a big, puffy sheep. These embroidered sheep grace natural linen envelope bags lined with brown calico, as linen is one of my favorite fibers and calico’s homespun charm lends itself perfectly to the heritage art of embroidery. The snaps are new-old-stock; the old stuff was made so much sturdier than what we have today.

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You can get an embroidered bag of your own here (check out my jewelry and hair pins, too!), or you can enjoy viewing the rest of my portfolio here.

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Expect an occasional spotlight on one of my etsy creations from time to time, along with plenty more posts about art, sewing, upcycling, gardening, and love of nature.

About My 2018 Use Up My Fabric Stash Projects

Sewing, Updates

In 2018, I was given quite a few tablecloths and bedlinens to re-use, however, they didn’t really suit my needs as-is. (Wrong size sheets and I don’t really use tablecloths.) Rather than waste the fabrics (they all had mild stains that made them un-donatable. Nobody wants a stained item from a thrift store), I decided to re-use them…eventually.

P1010574 - Copy

Sewing Portfolio Backdrop!


I finally have the space to photograph all of my sewing projects on my dress form, and I’ve purchased a simple white sheet and a gray rug for dedicated use as a backdrop.

I’ll iron the sheet, and then you can expect to start seeing the sewing portion of my portfolio uploaded!

This is exciting; it has been a long time since I had space to photograph my work nicely like this. I have high hopes for the future.