Blogging Goals for 2020


My blogging-related goals for this year:

  • Include more 2D art posts on a regular basis
  • Add new items to my esty
  • Showcase more plants while gardening and in the wild
  • Continue posting crafts I make, particularly ones that encourage upcycling and using what you have

What are your goals for the new year?

2019 in Review


I started this blog in February and published in March of this 2019. It hasn’t been a full year of blogging just yet, but the year is over and now is the time we think about what we’ve done and accomplished.

  • Over 100 blog posts and 30 lovely followers! Thank you!
  • I photographed and uploaded the art I made in the year previous
  • I took regular walks out in nature
  • I wrote down some of my knowledge of plant identification
  • I tried new recipes and made lots of things from scratch
  • I tried making historical clothing pieces with the aim to supplement outfits I also want to make
  • I drafted my own patterns
  • I learned to crochet socks when before I could only make scarves. I also learned to switch yarns while crocheting and I learned a few new stitches and practiced them. I learned crocheting in the round and even how to make circles. I can now make scarves, hats, ear warmers, and socks.
  • I practiced weaving, which I haven’t done since I was a child
  • I made slippers
  • I learned that onion skins give bone broth a beautiful, rich color
  • I made an etsy to share my embroidery, sewing, and jewelry-making
  • I pared down my fabric (and fiber) stash to a more reasonable amount
  • I tried several new techniques of pen and ink
  • I took up watercolors again
  • I created art that I find beautiful
  • I had a little fun with oil paints
  • I practiced drawing plants from life
  • I grew new-to-me watermelon and potatoes

I am proud of the accomplishments I’ve made in the past year. I hope that you all are proud of what you’ve accomplished this year, too, and that we all have a wonderful 2020.

Embroidered Bags Spotlight: French Knot Sheep

Sewing, Updates

I have sewn my own little flock of charming French-Knot sheep. The French Knot is a fun stitch, and the resulting sheep have a touchable, raised texture that conveys a big, puffy sheep. These embroidered sheep grace natural linen envelope bags lined with brown calico, as linen is one of my favorite fibers and calico’s homespun charm lends itself perfectly to the heritage art of embroidery. The snaps are new-old-stock; the old stuff was made so much sturdier than what we have today.

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You can get an embroidered bag of your own here (check out my jewelry and hair pins, too!), or you can enjoy viewing the rest of my portfolio here.

P1020654 - Copy.JPG

Expect an occasional spotlight on one of my etsy creations from time to time, along with plenty more posts about art, sewing, upcycling, gardening, and love of nature.