Floral Embroidery Envelope Bags


A bouquet of pink flowers, yarrow, and a hydrangea-inspired flower, all on natural linen envelope bags lined with brown cotton calico. The snaps on the bags are new-old-stock vintage. The pink bouquet was a great opportunity to play around with multiple colors and stitches, and I especially like that the stems are long stitches all tied together with another piece of thread. The hydrangea and especially the yarrow were fun ways to make a visual effect by repeating the same stitch lots of times. Did I mention how much I enjoy french knots?

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Embroidered Bags Spotlight: French Knot Sheep

Sewing, Updates

I have sewn my own little flock of charming French-Knot sheep. The French Knot is a fun stitch, and the resulting sheep have a touchable, raised texture that conveys a big, puffy sheep. These embroidered sheep grace natural linen envelope bags lined with brown calico, as linen is one of my favorite fibers and calico’s homespun charm lends itself perfectly to the heritage art of embroidery. The snaps are new-old-stock; the old stuff was made so much sturdier than what we have today.

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Homemade Apron

Cooking and Household, Sewing

Part of my 2019 fabric use-up project, where I use all the materials I have before purchasing more fabric.

This apron was made of leftover fabric from a couple other projects I have yet to share with you, but I hope to do so soon! For a while now, I’ve wanted a big apron to protect my clothes from daily cooking. This was just enough fabric to make one. Now, it hangs in the kitchen where it’s easy to reach for.

1700s Cap, Draft 1


I am drafting a 1700s style cap from scratch. Here is the first draft, done in a green cotton I had lying around. This is a learning piece for my Use Up My Fabric Stash 2019 project.

There are definitely some improvements that I want to make to this pattern: I want to make the top of the brim wider, draft a thinner band option, and I want to settle on a way to handle gathering the back of the cap. This is a good first step, though.

Pale Yellow Petticoat from Upcycled Fabric


This petticoat is made from an upcycled poly-cotton fitted sheet. There’s some fading on the fabric, but nothing too noticeable. I covered up a marred spot with a patch. Conveniently, I was able to use the selvage as the hem of the skirt. The material is very thin and light, giving a delicate look. It is photographed over my 1700s style hip pads.