Interesting Moss Growth…1 year later

Nature Walks

This picture was taken during the heart of the most recent 2019/2020 winter in the same place as the Moss Post I made a while back. It’s so cool how everyone in this area leaves the moss formation alone and lets it grow in this way. I love looking at it; the moss looks like tiny islands in the sand, or like grassy hills.

P1040045 - Copy

P1040042 - Copy

It was much sunnier when I took the more recent pictures!

Last Year (overcast weather):

P1080042 - Copy

Sassafras Leaves

Nature Walks

The sassafras tree is very interesting, for it produces multiple types of leaves on the same tree. Each leave can have one, two, or three lobes. They are also slightly fuzzy. The roots were an important item for trade between early America and the old world because they made a tasty drink, and the leaves are used in some styles of cooking, though I have no recipes to offer.


Nature Walks

I went for a long walk in mid-fall this year. Around the same time, a pair of fawns were also going for a stroll! I was lucky and took several pictures of them. At one point, one of them was walking right towards me so I had to back up (be respectful and keep your distance from wildlife!) It was a beautiful day and I got some lovely pictures of the deer.