Purple Potato Harvest 2019

Cooking and Household, Gardening
P1030161 - Copy

Cross-section photo taken mid-slicing for dinner.

I grew some purple potatoes this year. They were delicious potatoes that had purple skin, purple marbled with white insides, and the whole thing turned a deep purple when cooked. I was told that purple potatoes apparently originated from more mountainous regions, with the pigment to protect any potatoes near the surface of the soil from the sun due to the thinner atmosphere. The purple pigment is a sign of the higher content of healthy compounds in the potato!

P1030165 - Copy

I love how cool and whimsical this type of potato is, and it is used just the same as any other potato. Cooking with them makes my dinners more interesting visually.

Homemade Apron

Cooking and Household, Sewing

Part of my 2019 fabric use-up project, where I use all the materials I have before purchasing more fabric.

This apron was made of leftover fabric from a couple other projects I have yet to share with you, but I hope to do so soon! For a while now, I’ve wanted a big apron to protect my clothes from daily cooking. This was just enough fabric to make one. Now, it hangs in the kitchen where it’s easy to reach for.