Fragrant Valerian Flowers


Valerian, an herb mentioned by the ancient Greeks, is generally grown for the root part, but the Victorians knew that it smells amazing and used the flowers in their perfumes. These little, white flowers fill the entire garden with their fragrance! I know they’re blooming just by stepping out the back door. If you are in the US, make sure you clip them before the seeds form to prevent them spreading where you don’t want them, as they’re not a native plant.

Variegated Spider Plant Pups Soon!


P1040749 - Copy

They’re growing stronger on the vine! These little plants will stay on the vine until they grow tiny root buds, then I’ll place them in a glass of water to encourage roots for half a day. After that, I’ll plant them in their own pots and the spider plants will grow!

Angelique Tulips in Full Bloom 2020


P1040332 - Copy

I’ve said many times that Angelique tulips are my favorite variety of tulip. They have beautiful, delicate and frilly pink flowers that get more intense the longer they bloom. Their leaves are also interesting, having a white stripe along the outer edge.

These photos are a bit old now, but taking the photos allows me to enjoy my bouquet of tulips longer than they perfumed the kitchen. The cut flowers lasted a long time in the vase with regular stem trimming and water changing, and the spent ones were composted to make more flowers.