Hot Pink Rose, Harvested for Petals


This hot pink rose unexpectedly bloomed in my garden this year. I expected it to take a bit more time establishing itself, as it was placed near some tough competition. I picked the fragrant, hot-pink bloom to dry the petals so that I can try drinking rose petal tea!

P1050172 - Copy.JPG

Can you spot the yarrow leaf in the background?

Pea Pod Harvest


The peas have yielded enough pods to make an appearance in several dinners. I am impressed with how productive the plants were this year, especially compared to the time that the peas were eaten by bugs and I barely got to try any. That said, I think next time, I’d like to grow snow or snap peas so that I can eat the pods, as well. The pods were boiled into a couple of broths, but I’d prefer to be able to eat the entire product I harvest, rather than putting the pods back into the soil through compost because pods are too fibrous to chew. The peas were delicious fresh or steamed!

Mint Harvest


I give my mint patch a hard pruning every midsummer, and sometimes another in late summer or early fall to keep it under control. Unchecked, mint can become invasive in North America as it easily crowds out all other plants that may try to grow. Luckily, mint makes lovely tea and mintcakes! I harvest bundles and dry them in a dark room, then I strip the leaves from the stems and store them in a jar for cooking and tea the rest of the year. It’s important to label all your jars with the ingredient and the harvest date so that you don’t let anything go to waste.

P1040920 - Copy.JPG

I can taste it already! No, really, there were many more of these bundles unpictured and now my hands and my home all smells strongly of delicious mint!

Pea Blossoms


The peas were productive this year, much better than last year when they were eaten by beetles down to the stems. I think it worked better this year because the plants were spaced further apart. These peas came from seeds I was lucky enough to get on clearance last fall, and despite this, they managed to germinate at a decent rate. The blossoms are bright white and the peas are the variety you have to take out of the pod to eat.

Volunteers for Dinner

Cooking and Household, Gardening

P1040930 - Copy

Volunteer plants, ones that I didn’t go through the effort of planting but somehow still grew in my garden, are the best kind of weeds. Here is a walking onion that had walked right out of the onion bed and into the pathway and a radish that managed to grow despite the odds, as all of its fellow radishes had been picked already. The radish was a lovely afternoon snack, and the onion found its way into dinner the night I discovered it.

Repairing Clothing in the Evening

Cooking and Household, Sewing

I strongly believe in using and maintaining what you have, and I repair my clothing when it is damaged. This is me redoing the buttons on a manufactured dress using a stronger technique in a thread color that I felt better suits the dress (original thread was navy). In the same evening, I also repaired the shoulder of another dress and re-stitched the waistband of a skirt where the original stitching had come out some time over the years. Much of my clothing is secondhand, so sometimes things arrive in my closet with a bit of wear and tear that I need to repair before wearing, and also things can get worn while I, myself wear them.

P1050407 - Copy.JPG

Cactus Blooms


I repotted a broken-off segment of my christmas cactus early in the spring. This must have confused it somehow, because it bloomed in the summer!

The flowers are this hot pink-red color. They don’t have much fragrance, but are certainly beautiful to look at!

Each flower lasts a few days before dropping off. There were a large number of flower buds on this house plant.