Making New Tote Bags

Repurposing, Sewing

My old set of tote bags was made out of secondhand fabrics, so they were already partially worn-out before I even made them. They have been showing extra wear and I’ve found myself repairing them more and more frequently, so I’m making sure there’s a new set of tote bags ready to replace them whenever the old ones finally give up. These are also made of a hand-me-down fabric, and are part of my 2020 Fabric Use-Up Project.

This is the lovely toile design.

P1040923 - Copy

There was another section which was very discolored, so I cut it into strips to make the straps.

P1040928 - Copy

The amount of fabric I had available was enough for 4 tote bags. I made the handles longer this time so I might carry them on my shoulder.

P1040937 - Copy

The finished tote bags are so pretty! They have been added to the rotating stack of tote bags (washed immediately after use).

P1040965 - Copy

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