Dead Elastic to Drawstring Skirt


This skirt is ancient. Already a hand-me-down when I got it, the elastic was dying. As it gave up a little bit more each wash, I’d gradually add another dart to the waistband to keep the skirt up. Eventually, the elastic bit the dust completely and the skirt was relegated to the “repair” pile for years…

P1040339 - Copy

Until now! The repair pile made up a part of the fabric box for my Fabric Use-Up 2020 project, so this skirt gets another chance at being in my wardrobe again!

P1040311 - Copy

First, I took out all of the darts. There were so many.

P1040314 - Copy

Then, I found a saved scrap of drawstring. It came from some other skirt or sweatpants. I never throw away a useful component from worn-out clothes. I carefully made a slit the size of the drawstring in the waistband of the skirt.

I attached the end of the drawstring tape to a large safety pin, then threaded the drawstring through.

P1040341 - Copy

Now I have a skirt again!

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