Brown Cotton Apron


Where are all those brown scraps for embroidery coming from?

P1040287 - Copy

This is an apron I made as a gift for a loved one. They do a lot of messy hands-on projects and needed something to protect their clothing. I cut out a simple shape for an apron, then made bias trim from more of the same fabric.

P1040152 - Copy

This is a simple shape with rounded edges. While it may look like the bottom (on the right) end of the apron tapers down, the sides are parallel. This is an apron design that would be easy for you, the reader, to replicate at home with any fabric you choose. The wide part goes from mid-shin to the waist, then curves in to the breadth of your shoulders minus a few inches.

I stitched the bias trim around the entire perimeter of the apron shape, then added more trim as ties for the neck and waist.

P1040161 - Copy

The person I am making this apron for is broader-shouldered than me (see the dress form photos), and has a very utilitarian mindset. A sturdy brown cotton apron suits them and the sort of projects they make perfectly because there won’t be any worry or fuss if the apron gets soiled. I hope they get a lot of use out of it!

Yes, this is a part of my 2020 Fabric Stash Use-Up Project. I did not need to buy anything to make this apron! It’s a great feeling to find uses for the resources that I already have.

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