First and Second Pairs of Crocheted Socks for 2020

Cooking and Household

A relative heard I was making my own socks this year, and was kind enough to give me some soft, fluffy yarn to make more socks! I’ve added a comfy teal pair and a purple/blue pair to my sock drawer. Thank you so much! The yarn is very warm.

Frumpy Dress to Pretty Skirt

Repurposing, Sewing

I got this dress secondhand about 2 (?) years ago, and I love the pattern on it. Palest yellow with beautiful blue floral print and it has such a nice drape to it, as the fabric is 100% rayon. The shape of the dress, however, just wasn’t flattering on me. The wast was too high up and added weight to my figure in a less than nice way. After I pulled one of the seams at an event I was volunteering for, I decided to remake the whole thing into something better for me.

P1020983 - Copy.JPG

I chopped the skirt off and used the top to make a waistband. I added a hook and eye and 3 snaps to keep the waist secure.

P1040181 - Copy

I think that I will continue to get a lot of use out of this beautiful fabric, and now it looks more flattering on me!

P1040178 - Copy

Fabric Stash Use-Up Project 2020

Repurposing, Sewing

Old fabric for the new decade!

This year, I want to pare down my fabric stash even further. I had a lot of fun with this the past two years, and I managed to use up most of my hand-me-down fabrics and plenty of fabrics I personally acquired. I plan on focusing on functional pieces mostly, but I’d also like to make a couple pieces of historical clothing and create some more items for my etsy. This project also covers fiber, as I still have a few balls of yarn that I’d like to give a purpose.

The year has already started, so Slippers from Nothing but Scraps #2: Slippers for a Loved One counts as part of this project, as well.

Rules are that I won’t buy anything for new projects until I’ve finished all of the projects I have here. It is, however, okay to purchase a component needed to finish an existing project.

Will you join me in my 2020 Stash Use-Up?

Happy sewing!