Crocheted Hat and Headband- In Bright Yellow!


I originally had this yarn as my trellis-making yarn, but now I have a roll of real twine that I don’t have to fuss over my trellises at the end of the season. I wanted to give this yarn a better use since it is so nice. The yellow yarn is synthetic and shouldn’t be left out because it could pollute the earth with plastics, whereas twine is a natural fiber and is just fine to compost. I had a whole lot of the yarn left. Enough yarn to make a hat and a headband/ear warmer! Making these was fun. The color is so cheerful. I could never lose such a bright hat, even in the snow. If I choose to keep this set, I may have it in the car for emergencies since it’s bright and noticeable.

The hat was made with a large circle of alternating single and double stitch, and the ear warmer was made with a single stitch foundation chain, double stitch for most of it, and then another single stitch for symmetry.

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