2019 in Review


I started this blog in February and published in March of this 2019. It hasn’t been a full year of blogging just yet, but the year is over and now is the time we think about what we’ve done and accomplished.

  • Over 100 blog posts and 30 lovely followers! Thank you!
  • I photographed and uploaded the art I made in the year previous
  • I took regular walks out in nature
  • I wrote down some of my knowledge of plant identification
  • I tried new recipes and made lots of things from scratch
  • I tried making historical clothing pieces with the aim to supplement outfits I also want to make
  • I drafted my own patterns
  • I learned to crochet socks when before I could only make scarves. I also learned to switch yarns while crocheting and I learned a few new stitches and practiced them. I learned crocheting in the round and even how to make circles. I can now make scarves, hats, ear warmers, and socks.
  • I practiced weaving, which I haven’t done since I was a child
  • I made slippers
  • I learned that onion skins give bone broth a beautiful, rich color
  • I made an etsy to share my embroidery, sewing, and jewelry-making
  • I pared down my fabric (and fiber) stash to a more reasonable amount
  • I tried several new techniques of pen and ink
  • I took up watercolors again
  • I created art that I find beautiful
  • I had a little fun with oil paints
  • I practiced drawing plants from life
  • I grew new-to-me watermelon and potatoes

I am proud of the accomplishments I’ve made in the past year. I hope that you all are proud of what you’ve accomplished this year, too, and that we all have a wonderful 2020.

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