Third and Fourth Pairs of Socks!


The all-black pair didn’t photograph well, but it’s made of a soft, squishy thick type of yarn and the ankles of the sock are tall, more like normal socks than like slipper socks. With the second sock of this pair, I finally figured out to fix the toes round like normal socks rather than just as rounded-off squares (round on the left, squared on the right). These are super comfortable socks and have probably become one of my favorite pairs. It was a great yarn to work with. (A mystery yarn, of course, as all of it is secondhand from someone getting rid of their yarn.)

P1030871 - Copy

The black and berry colored slipper socks were made from the remnants of the black yarn from the previous pair plus a small ball of yarn that was multi-colored fuzzy berry tones but not large enough to make a full pair of socks. I also used up a tiny ball of black puffy yarn on one ankle as I ran out of the original black yarn too soon. It blends pretty well.

P1030877 - Copy

This was my first try at making two-colored crocheted anything. Sure, the toes are uneven, but the textures are great and they’re pretty cute no matter what. You can see that now the socks have rounded toes! I’m proud of this improvement!

Again, I waited a bit after making these socks before posting so I could give them a proper test run. The all-black socks are super comfy, but the black and berry slipper socks have great powers of insulation from the other yarn used on the toes.

These are another installation of my 2019 Fabric Use-Up Project.

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