Second Pair of Crocheted Socks: Slipper Socks!

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P1030850 - Copy.JPG

These socks are my second try at crocheting my own socks. I am making my own winter socks this year rather than purchasing socks that will fall apart way too quickly and likely be made by workers living in terrible conditions who get barely any pay. The yarn is what I have already had, so this project does not create demand for anything nor does it cost any money.

The yarn this time was fuzzy and thicker. The socks are thick enough that they stand up on their own, like slippers, so I’ve made them slipper-shaped. While the transition from heel to ankle was slightly uneven on this pair, the toes are mostly even and similar-looking. These toes are rounded but still a bit too boxy. The thickness of the slipper socks makes it look like I’m wearing cartoon shoes, but I can’t feel the coldest part of the floor in an unheated room- not even a little! The warmth of these slipper socks is fantastic.

I started this sock-making project a while before posting about it to give me time to test my socks in various ways. The first pair washes great and has been holding up well to frequent use around the house. This pair took a while to air dry but the stiffness of the slipper socks has decreased a bit with washing.

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