I crocheted my first pair of socks


My aunt taught me the basics of crochet long ago, but I’ve only occasionally practiced since I was a kid. I know single and double stitch, but I can’t read a crochet pattern yet. I have some spare yarn in my 2019 Fabric Use-Up Project, and I needed to get more warm winter socks, so I figured now would be a good time to solve both problems at once. I found some instructions on the basics of sock-making and watched several videos of people crocheting socks to get the general idea of how it’s done. Then, I started on my sock making adventure! The result is a pair of blue socks. They aren’t beautiful, but they are warm. I intend to wear them until they fall apart.

P1030841 - Copy

By crocheting myself new winter socks when I needed them and by using yarn I already had (which was salvaged from things a relative was getting rid of), I am not adding to the demand for slave labor made socks from factories in terrible conditions in other countries, nor am I wasting resources by requiring still more yarns be produced for me to use. I’m also not spending any money on this project. It’s an all-around win!

P1030848 - Copy

The thick yarn makes my feet look huge, haha.

P1030840 - Copy

The first sock had a very boxy toe.

P1030849 - Copy

With the second sock, I managed to round out the corners of the toe for an improved look. I still have plenty of yarn to use up, and this sockmaking project will continue in a series until I have enough socks for winter.

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