A Case for my Glass Pen


The glass pen I’ve been using in some of my art needed a better storage than the long cardboard box it has been bouncing around. I have some extra yarn that I did not have any plans for, and decided to make a solution for the pen. I’ve been reading about weaving lately, so I decided to weave it rather than crochet, although I’ve crocheted some scarves in the past.

P1030719 - Copy

I took a large box that held bulk eggs I buy (about once a month. I try to cut down on grocery trips, just as I use reusable bags at some grocery stores.) I cut the flaps off the box and notched every half inch on opposite sides. I used the flaps to make shuttles and pieces to hold the warp in the correct positions. They started out primitive, but I quickly cut them into more standard shapes because, well, those shapes work better.

P1030714 - Copy

My mistake-that-actually-works with this project was that I beat the weft too much, and so it looks less than pretty, however, I don’t need something pretty for this project. It’s probably better that I have a homely pen case, as it might get ink spilled on it. The resulting material is very thick and provides adequate padding for storing my delicate glass pen.

While not strictly fabric, I count this project as a part of my 2019 Fabric Stash Use-Up Project.