Pale Yellow Petticoat from Upcycled Fabric


This petticoat is made from an upcycled poly-cotton fitted sheet. There’s some fading on the fabric, but nothing too noticeable. I covered up a marred spot with a patch. Conveniently, I was able to use the selvage as the hem of the skirt. The material is very thin and light, giving a delicate look. It is photographed over my 1700s style hip pads.

P1010936 - Copy

Many of my recent projects have been petticoats and skirts. This is because I have large quantities of upcycleable fabric, and I want to take advantage of this. Buying lots and lots of yardage for full skirts, chemises, and petticoats gets expensive quickly. I have the opportunity to repurpose big pieces of fabric into useful historical garments and polish my skills, and that’s a chance I don’t get very often. After completing this year’s fabric use up project, I will consider purchasing some smaller (correct fiber type) fabric pieces to make into bodices and other more intricate projects.

P1010931 - Copy

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