1700s Cap, Draft 1


I am drafting a 1700s style cap from scratch. Here is the first draft, done in a green cotton I had lying around. This is a learning piece for my Use Up My Fabric Stash 2019 project.

There are definitely some improvements that I want to make to this pattern: I want to make the top of the brim wider, draft a thinner band option, and I want to settle on a way to handle gathering the back of the cap. This is a good first step, though.

Pale Yellow Petticoat from Upcycled Fabric


This petticoat is made from an upcycled poly-cotton fitted sheet. There’s some fading on the fabric, but nothing too noticeable. I covered up a marred spot with a patch. Conveniently, I was able to use the selvage as the hem of the skirt. The material is very thin and light, giving a delicate look. It is photographed over my 1700s style hip pads.

DIY 1700s Bonnet: My Observations


Here are my first attempts at 1700s bonnets/headwear. I got inspiration from the right-hand column of this DIY tutorial, however, I didn’t realize that I could click the image to zoom into the image, so I drafted the pattern totally by hand and without referencing their helpful measurements! (That was silly.)