1700s Hip Pads: Creating a Historical Silhouette from a Pillowcase


These bean-shaped hip pads of upcycled white cotton from an old pillowcase (I have too many hand-me-down pillowcases to use them all) and stuffed with cotton batting scraps are attached to a tape to tie around the waist. These are the second thing I’ve made for my use-up fabric stash 2019 project. I made 3 pairs of these hip pads.

I feel that these are a better option than panniers of metal and cord for my costume wardrobe, as they store easier and they seem more practical, like clothing the common woman would wear. I personally am more interested in regular people historical clothes than the super fancy garb of royalty, though those garments are lovely, too, of course.

P1010921 - Copy

Constructing these hip pads was very simple, but their impact on the shape of clothing is immediately noticeable. See here a skirt with (left) and without (right) the hip pads:

It’s a subtle change, but the details really make the difference!

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