About My 2018 Use Up My Fabric Stash Projects

Sewing, Updates

In 2018, I was given quite a few tablecloths and bedlinens to re-use, however, they didn’t really suit my needs as-is. (Wrong size sheets and I don’t really use tablecloths.) Rather than waste the fabrics (they all had mild stains that made them un-donatable. Nobody wants a stained item from a thrift store), I decided to re-use them…eventually.

P1010574 - Copy

It inflated my fabric stash from two boxes to three. This was more than I was comfortable storing, so eventually I decided to use up a sizeable portion of my fabric stash before I purchased any fabric. Additionally, I was really tight on money at the time, and didn’t want to take on any notion-heavy projects.

P1010540 - Copy

First, I made 2 embroidered aprons (Striped and Buttery Yellow) and 2 sets of pockets (the striped one can be found here.) Then, I went on a great petticoat binge: 3 different petticoats and one overskirt.  Finally, I made a chemise and petticoat set. I also made several household-related items including grocery bags, chair cushions, and drawstring storage bags, but I neglected to photograph them. (Check my blog for future household sewing projects!)


These projects allowed me to reduce my fabric stash back down to two boxes. As my reward, I am making a purple calico dress from a vintage pattern. After that, I do have more plans to continue using the fabrics I already own for projects to save money and make more room for more fabrics.

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