Grocery Tote Bags from Old Tablecloth


I have far too many plastic grocery bags in my cabinet. I use them as small garbage bags, however, the supply outweighs the demand. I wanted to make a set of grocery bags that were cute, sturdy, and the right size to keep in the car so I could remember to use them.

P1010495 - Copy

This tablecloth was a hand-me-down that I never used. The material looks like it is some kind of polyester, I think. It has minor stains and the edges are heavily frayed. The material is thick and sturdy. It’s the perfect candidate for tote bags that I can just throw in the car, and to top it off, the print is cute!

P1080244 - Copy

I used one quarter on the corner of the tablecloth to make a chair cushion in the past, so I cut off the other sticking-out corner for one large tote bag. The handles are a long strip of the same fabric. The 4 smaller ones are made of the remainder of the cloth. I made 4 of the 5 with 2 small handles at the top, and the 4th has one handle that arches over both sides of the bag, just to see which version I prefer for the future.

P1010498 - Copy

They are in the car already, waiting for the next time I get groceries!

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