Repurposed Fleece Crocheted Rug


This past winter, I needed a rug for a cold, drafty spot. Rather than purchase one, I decided to repurpose some fleece sheets that were the wrong size for my bed.

P1070821 - Copy

I cut the sheet into one long strip that spiraled around the perimeter and then further and further into the center. I stretched the strip out by pulling on it first before crocheting it because the material had a slight stretch to it. I didn’t have a crochet hook the correct size, so I did it by hand.

P1070825 - Copy

This project actually used up a lot more material than I expected to result in a 2.5-foot diameter rug. I also repurposed some fleece pillowcases that I never used.

P1070830 - Copy

This rug is so plush and warm. The area that it is meant to cover was stone cold, but you’d never know it while standing on this rug; the crochet is very thick.

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